Thursday, January 16, 2020

How the Bible Shows God as Creator Essay

The Bible has many different ways of showing God as the creator of the universe. Many people use the Bible to reflect on what God did for them, so that they are able to live as they do now. The Judaeo-Christian belief is that everything has been created; therefore there must have been a creator. They believe that this creator is God. Before there was anything there was God. God is self existent and eternal, He never began and He will never end. God is the creator so therefore has never been created. He was able to make everything from ex nihilo instead of actual matter. The book of Hebrews agrees with this, ‘†¦ we understand that the universe was formed at Gods command, so that what is seen is not made out of what is visible. ‘ Also because He is creator†¦ or just a period of time, but when He created time he gave everything a definite beginning according to His will. When God was creating the different parts of the world, He says ‘let there be†¦ ‘ and there is. This shows God as creator because all He has to do is to want something to be in a particular shape and format and it is. God took control over every single thing he made and moulded it into what He wanted it to be like. When He finished creating something ‘he was pleased,’ showing that everything He made was perfect. He dominates the beginning of the Bible with all the things that He has made himself. No one else comes into the book for some time because it is all about God, showing his dominance. The story does talk of the creation but in nearly every sentence it talks of how God created or God said or saw, it focuses on God as the creator. The second creation story is that of Adam and Eve. God makes a man from dust and breathes his own breath into him. Later on He creates a woman from one of Adam’s ribs and they are each others true companions. This story shows God as creator because it is showing God creating humans in His own image; they are separate from animals because of God breathing His own breath into Adams body. This gives our lives more meaning and purpose, God wants to live closely to humans and wants people to know about Him and live with the creator’s concerns in mind. God is responsible for everything in the universe. ‘ Discuss. Many Christians would agree that God is responsible for everything because He made our world. He purposely chose to make everything the way it is today for a reason, so if He is the one who made it all therefore it should be God who takes the responsibility of the universe. You could argue that because God made everything and He made it so that it was supposed to be perfect, then how can he allow natural disasters and disease to occur. God is omniscient, therefore everything that is happening in our world, God has chosen that to happen, everything is there for a particular reason. When God crested the world He gave us free will but He still created it, so in a way we think we have our own free will but because God is omniscient then He has already chosen what will happen to us. Human beings could be seen as God’s robots, doing what we have been programmed to do. We have a responsibility to do good whilst we are on the earth because that has been programmed into us through God when He first created Adam and Eve. However other Christians may disagree that God is responsible for everything because humans are the ones who actually live on the earth, whereas God is not actually part of this world. Human beings were given the breath of God when He created the first man and this has been passed onto all humans throughout history. By giving us a difference from animals, gives humans a higher state of hierarchy. By having this power higher than all other things on the earth it makes us responsible for the world and it is up to humans to look after it. When God created Eve she ate from the tree of knowledge which God had forbidden. This created original sin, as Eve had given into the temptation of the snake and the tree and gone against what God had said. Some Christians believe that it is Eve then who is the root of all evil. If eve had not eaten fruit from the tree, then the world might have been a better place. God gave them the chance of free will and wanted to see if they could resist temptation and because they couldn’t we are now still suffering for that mistake. So it is not God who was responsible for that but actually human beings and that is why evil occurs in the world. It is almost a warning sign from God to keep taking care of the world he created. I don’t think that there is one right answer for this question. God did create the world; therefore we are all under his power. However no one in the world is perfect and we all make mistakes and a lot of the time those mistakes can affect lots of people, until it grows into a worldwide thing. As God did give us free will then I think that makes us partially responsible for the world and space maybe not the universe.

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