Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom - Essay Example Figure 1: Asylum seeker applications in the UK during 2000-2009 (Topic guide to Immigration Control and Asylum n.d.). This figure clearly reflects on the fact that the degree to which immigrants applied for asylum seeking in the UK has drastically minimized over the years. The present study would discuss why and how this has been possible, and whether the English law has been successful in dealing with asylum seekers effectively.  The present study focuses on an understanding of the concept of asylum seeking in the UK by individuals and discusses the fact that the legal system offered by the English Law on the issue of illegal asylum seekers is not sufficient in taking the correct decisions in regard to the asylum seekers. This considers the difficulty that the asylum seekers are encountered with in order to make their places in the country, as well as the ignorance of the law to assist these people, and hence the consequences of suffering of these people or their forceful entry in to the country.  In the UK, generally, the asylum seekers have to wait for around 2 months to even 6 years before their claims are accepted or refused. If the refugees have chosen UK, it is likely that they have someone known in the country. Any customary and obligatory introduction program is not provided by the UK for new arrivals in the country. For this reason, refugees and asylum seekers are required to get hold of information about livelihood and work in the UK from their own sources and any networks that exist and can help them out with guidance (Refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: The challenges of accessing education and employment 2009).  In the UK, in the present times, the UK Border Agency (BIA) supports the asylum seekers. The policy of the BIA allows offering all the asylum seekers facilities of accommodation on a basis of no-choice.  

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