Friday, November 22, 2019

Reflection 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflection 3 - Essay Example There should be that feeling of respect for the old. Most of the older people in the community do not have specific needs which can be outlined but it appears that they are less likely to receive such care because of their age in the society. Many people including practicing nurses tend to ignore them when offering health and social care in the society just because of their inherent age. Nonetheless, my intention as a practicing nurse in this aspect of health and social care is to take care for the old people in the community who need a lot of care at their ages. They need to be encouraged, given mental counseling, advising them on how to undergo treatments, administering to them medicines among other ways ((Bayer, Tadd, & Krajcik 2005, p. 22) The advances to help the old people in the community have been made initially by other people, but as far as this model is concerned, a lot of reflection, further action and improvement is required. This work will help encourage nurses to develop and grow a positive attitude towards the old people in the society as well as help them embrace positive aspects of respect and help them to understand that old people are very important members of the society who can control their own lives. This will encourage nurses to value the old people, and to take care of them as well as promoting opportunities for well-being and psychological developments rather than promoting helplessness and deterioration (Williams & Irurita 2005. p 501). This idea of health and social care for the old people presents a challenge for us as nurses to change from a medical perspective and to focus more on health promotions as well as preventing ill health among the old people. This ensures that majority of these older people enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives just like the other members of the community and that they can make a positive contribution to the community (Bayer, Tadd, & Krajcik

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