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The destruction of forest free essay sample

To gain new experiences and transforming the existing information is the one of the process of learning. It’s easy to carry for the children to learn because it’s obtained from the parents due to repeated observational learning. Children will appreciate what their parents did without judging them because they are the best role models and closed with them. By that, children have an ability to learn more from observing what others did. Children learn good or bad from what they watch, how they communicate with others, their lifestyle and way of living. They might cope with it fast because they spend most of their time with them. Children may tend to copy the information which is the most characteristic of human due to children are into the phase that they rapidly copy the behaviour of their parents. If the children spend their time with others besides the parents, they may adopt many habits from the society. We will write a custom essay sample on The destruction of forest or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They might learn good moral values and if their neighbourhood and society members have some bad qualities it influences them negatively. The children have parents who teach them and prepare them for life. Parents are the first and the strongest influence on their children. The children observe their way of doing the things. For example, if the people who are smokers or alcoholics, and give them bad impression on the children’s mind, they will gave deep impact on children’s brain and heart. Therefore, they learn their first lessons from these situations because of their parents’ guide them into the situation. Bad company has a negative influence over a child because the teenagers listen more to their friends than their parents and teachers. These groups may turn denial into acceptance and gives the children sense of fulfilment in life. Nowadays, children enjoy playing with friends more than anything in life, and sometimes they prefer to stay with their friends more than their parents. The behaviour of adults may give children both good and bad influence because most of the behaviour represents adults’ inclination. For an example, if the media report on the shadow side of the society, children may easily influenced to the violence and excessive sex which it was a direct and convincing method to teach children. Most of the children nowadays can’t accept the method that parents did which is parents always tell children the principles repeatedly. The most effective education method is to let the children observe the whole process of how to deal with the problems just like adults behaviour. The children will learn from the adult behaviour naturally. In conclusion, we may say that it’s true the children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and copying it; and adults should responsible to guide them, and be the best example for the children because children are like young trees, they need to be carefully irrigated, fertilized and trimmed. By following adults and copying them, they will be influenced by good influence and sooner or later they figures it out by his own the best learning can take place. Question Two What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century? Discuss your opinion. As educators, we constantly urge ourselves to prepare the students for the real world. We teach them how to read, write, calculate and of course there are less tangible skills that we teach for instance, work in a team, think critically and be curious on things that they may encounter each day. Although we may not know exactly what lies ahead for our students in the future, but we may have the advantage of knowing what skills they needed to face the real world. Firstly, as educators we must prepare them with the skills of critical thinking and problem solving. Students will need to develop their skills at seeing problems from different angles and formulating their own solutions. No matter which field they may encounter the ability to think and act quickly is an indispensable tool for the future. To practice this, teachers should present students with situations in which they need to figure things out for themselves which the skills that they have already developed can be drawn upon and applied to help them figure out a problem. Situational problem in mathematics provide a good example for these skills to work Secondly, as educators we must prepare them with the skills of agility and adaptability. Students need to be comfortable with the idea of change and be willing to adapt to the change around them. The educators may create a very dynamic environment within the classroom which may help them prepared for the future. With several of strategies, setting the classroom and demonstrated the learning process with the guidelines, the students will adapt the learning process. For instance, the students have to create a storyline and asked them to complete the task based on the preparation of another. The students may be grumble at first but they will adapt the skill later. Thirdly, as educators we must prepare them with the skills of accessing and analysing information. Nowadays, students have various ways to access the information. The internet provides an incredible research tool. Accessing information is easy; however accessing good information may tend to be more complicated. The students need to be taught on how to differentiate between factual information and factual-sounding opinions. Nowadays, most of the students will check the answer on the websites to gather the information rather than thinking about how the information been written by a person and whether the information is truly knowledgeable on certain area. To implement this skill, teachers should show them how to search and how to use the information given without being misled. Fourthly, as educators we must prepare them with the skills of curiosity and imagination. Students will naturally curious about their world and wanting to explore it. Their imaginations are vast and untamed which will create endless amounts of practical and impractical things. As educators, teaching them how to be curious and imaginative will be less because they are naturally already being an imaginative, however we need to continue to encourage them to develop these skills, teach them how to apply them creatively and purposefully. The teachers must be very careful about how to nurture and develop the students’ creativity and imagination and teach them which things are appropriate in which certain situations without making them feel like their ideas are wrong or bad. In conclusion, it’s not easy to prepare students for the 21st Century and teachers whom playing the roles to prepare them. However, if we teach them right, the school will become places where the students will achieve lifelong success and personal fulfilment. QuestionThree The destruction of the world’s forest is inevitable as our need for land and food grows. Do you agree? For many years before, forest always has been known as one of the most important parts on the earth which contribute the stability of atmosphere. With deforestation increasing nowadays, some wise people claimed that the world has been threatened and it became worst each day. There’s so many effect due to the activity such as greenhouse effect, soil erosion, global warming and the list is endless. First, due to the deforestation, the large amount of carbon dioxide will be released in burning process which will raises the world greenhouse gas emissions. This might lead to the greenhouse effect. Moreover, the forests help remove the carbon from the atmosphere and release the oxygen back during respiration. Due to that, if they are destroyed by the mankind, the environment will get polluted. Besides the greenhouse effect, the world’s temperature will get higher during deforestation or known as global warming which will be followed by ice caps melting down; releasing metal and the list is endless. Secondly, deforestation would increase rates of soil erosion. Due to that, the flooding in the lower place will happen and the roots of trees could bind the soil. Therefore, the soil will kept in place and may prevent landslides. However, if forests are destroyed, the chances for the landslides will increase which may threaten people living nearby. Thirdly, the destruction of forests may lead extinction of some species and habitat. Without forest, there’s no longer habitat for wildlife and the biodiversity will be affected negatively. To be worse, so animals and plants will also disappear and may be destroyed due to the mankind activities. Consequently, people may not have enough natural resources to develop and resulting poor living standards. For instance, lacking some kind of trees and some disease may not be cure due to that and the rate of mortality will increase regrettably. In conclusion, it’s undeniable that exploiting the natural resources may help the world to develop, however the people may also acknowledge whether is it worth or not. They have to control their actions to improve the earth as well as their live.

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